Careers in the maritime industry have always been attractive to many people due to the high degrees of responsibility, as well as good wages. We provide excellent career development and promotional prospects to the right candidates. If you have what it takes to be part of our team

As a growing maritime company, TRITON values the services of its employees. Our employees play a critical role in our success. We work as a family with optimum cooperation and coordination. The company always remains in pursuit of opportunities to improve the lifestyle of the employees. Our belief is a healthy mind can only think positive.

We invite qualified, committed and growth oriented personnel to post their CVs. Our personal department will surely take care it and inform you at the right time. We appreciate your interest in TRITON.

TRITON offers good carrier opportunities with fast promotions and facilities.

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To apply for employment with our Company please download and complete the application in word file at the bottom of this page and then attach it, along with your CV & One Latest Photo to the form below.

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To apply Shore Jobs with our Company please send your cv at
Note: this email id only for shore jobs applications, sea jobs applications will not consider in this email address. For sea jobs go though above application form and complete the procedure.

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