Commercial Management

Commercial Management

Commercial Management

Triton Ship management’s commercial management team provides high quality services to our clients by offering its knowledge, experience and extensive network in chartering, commercial management and sale and purchase transactions.


Primary activities include:

  • Development of period and project tanker business with the leading oil and gas majors, major oil traders, tanker owners and operators
  • Significant presence in the dry bulk markets, working with owners, operators, industrial companies and commodity traders worldwide
  • Negotiating and concluding period charters for most other ship types including container, general cargo and the offshore/energy sectors

Our continuous analysis of market trends and close watch on emerging opportunities in a rapidly changing environment allow us to offer real time advice to our clients.

We offer our clients the following commercial management services including:

  • Period chartering
  • COA’s/CV’s
  • Pool employment
  • Voyage planning, execution and monitoring
  • Agency appointment, disbursement handling
  • Bunkering
  • Speed and performance monitoring
  • Lay time calculations
  • Assistance in claims handling
  • Voyage results reporting and analysis
  • Freight and hire invoicing

Sale and Purchase

We provide broking services for the sale and purchase of second-hand vessels as well as the placing of new building contracts with shipyards.