For Ship Owners

For Ship Owners

For Ship Owners

We supply in short notice whole crews or individuals for Merchant and Offshore triton for various ship-owners/ship managers worldwide.

We shall ensure that we will select and recruit qualified INDIAN seafarers, when you require and demand.

All candidates are screened carefully and undergo psychological examinations, to ensure our Principal and Clients the most competent qualified seafarers available. The hand on hand with the selection process based upon the Owner/Principal's criteria a smooth and satisfying experience on authorization by the ship owner/ ship manager to recruit a seafarer and we are responsible to:

We have an experienced team of recruiters who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you with any vacancy or personnel requests. Personal contact, trust and a fast response time are our key values.

We would be still fully responsible for our crew after you employed them on board. If any problems arise with our crew are will settle the case for you immediately and crew replacement will be made it needed to do so, our crew we care happens in less than 3 months on board

Our terms and conditions will be adjustable to suit your company standard requirements. We can negotiate salary with your company salary scales.

We are looking for opportunity where we can prove our self as best partner as well as Group Company. We make sure with your cooperation and our effort will lead to success.

If you have any open vacancies please advise by return your salary, vessel's details (type, dwt, flag, type of M/E, b.h.p.), contract duration, date of joining and will revert with C.V.s of selected candidates ASAP.

We are pleased to inform that we are engaged in following operations:- Ship management Service:

  • Technical
  • Crew Manning
  • Consultancy
  • Ship Inspection
  • Special Projects

  • Maintenance Standard
  • Analysis Of Ship's Condition
  • Evaluation And Recording System Of Ship's Condition

Our focus is on .....High quality Services at Safe and Reliable operations.

We provide ON TIME, QUALITY, RELIABLE and SAFE services to the satisfaction of our client and are driven by passion for professionalism and full satisfaction of the owner.