Our Policies

Our Policies

Our Policies

TRITON Ship Management & Offshore pvt.ltd goal is to become the leading provider of Quality Ship Management Services to the Marine Industry. To take us there, we look to differentiate ourselves through the provision of safe, reliable and cost-effective ship management services, and constantly challenge the existing procedures by bringing about improvements to our operations.

This practice is set to put us in a good stead to capitalize on opportunities and bringing about unified actions that are instrumental to our pursuit of zero accidents and zero spills. At TRITON Ship Management, our focus is bonded in preventing human injury, loss of life and damage to the environment, in particular the marine environment.


TRITON Ship Management & Offshore pvt.ltd is committed to meeting our customer’s requirements through a process of continual improvement of management processes and procedures to ensure that all requirements are met in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner.

This will be achieved through :

  • Continuous improvement in the safety management skills of personnel both ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related to both safety and the protection of the environment;
  • Continuous monitoring of the technical condition of ships and a high standard of qualification of the staff; and
  • Participation of all staff members in Quality and Safety objectives and measures, with a view to a steady improvement of quality of operation, commensurate with economic aspects.


  • TRITON Ship Management & Offshore pvt.ltd is committed to providing a safe working environment for seafarers aboard managed ships. To achieve this TRITON undertakes to ensure that the following considerations, in particular, are met:
  • Safety at sea, including safe practices in ship operation, a safe working environment, and safeguards against all identified risks. TRITON actively encourages all Sea Staff to report any accidents and incidents.
  • Prevention of human injury or loss of life on board having due regard, in particular, as to the risk and exposure of seafarers Comply with applicable requirements that relate to Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S).
  • Establish its own standards and guidelines where existing laws and regulations are not adequate to assure protection to human health and safety.
  • Establish clear OH&S objectives and targets towards minimizing risk potentials and protect all staff working on board ships by the use of appropriate technology and operating procedures.
  • Encourage all individuals to identify potentially unsafe conditions or unlawful practices and to undertake corrective measures.
  • Provide all its employees with information, equipment and training necessary for them to carry out their work safely.
  • Ensure that regular safety and contingency drills are conducted by the Master and at times supervised by the shore based personnel for ensuring that relevant personnel are fully conversant with their duties so as to maintain a confident and proficient team on board to deal with all contingencies and emergencies.
  • Ensure that Safety is uppermost in mind in all Company instructions.
  • Continuous improvement in H&S management and OH&S performance.


TRITON Ship Management & Offshore pvt.ltd is committed to managing environment protection matters as an integral part of business. To ensure that environment protection is managed to best effect the following principles will be applied:
  • Compliance with all applicable environment protection laws and implementation of programmes and procedures to assure compliance.
  • Use of management systems that specifically aim to prevent activities or conditions arising that pose a threat to the environment. Risk of such activities / conditions arising will be reduced through use of safe technologies (where available and economically feasible) and operating procedures together with full preparation for emergency situations should these arise.
  • Firmly support the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) and other environmental requirements and believing that the first line of defence against pollution must be to avoid accidents occurring.
  • Comply with applicable marine environmental protection requirements established under International, Flag State, Port State and Coastal State Laws including but not limited to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), concerning the use of Oily Water Separators, Oil Content Meters, Incinerators and other Pollution Prevention Equipment.
  • Continuously seek opportunities to improve how we meet these principles.


Energy efficiency is controlled primarily through well-planned and properly managed ship operations and requires the personal commitment of everyone involved in Marine operations. To be successful, energy efficiency and conservation must become a way of life than just a mere compliance with rules and regulations.

With the aim of enhancing the energy efficiency of the ship operations, the Company is committed to:
  • Establishing and maintaining a Company Energy Efficiency Management Plan (CEEMP) which should be regularly reviewed by the senior management. This Plan, which applies to all fleet vessels, provides standard procedures and practice on best energy management under the various operational modes of each vessel.
  • Ensuring the availability of information and of necessary resources to achieve the set objectives and targets.
  • Promoting energy efficiency awareness through training to the shore and sea-going personnel and implementing energy related campaigns and other relevant personnel incentive/motivating programs.
  • Promoting co-operation within the shipping industry with the aim of facilitating energy efficient operations.
  • Monitoring and complying with all applicable legal and other requirements related to ship energy management.
  • Supporting the purchase of energy-efficient products and services, and design for energy performance improvement.
  • Establish processes to continuously improve energy efficiency performance.


It is the Company's policy to:

Provide a secure working environment, by establishing and maintaining the required security measures to prevent unlawful acts against ships which endanger the safety and security of persons/property on board and the environment.

  • Ensure that the Master, Company Security Officer and the Ship Security Officer are given necessary support to fulfil their duties and responsibilities in accordance with IMO's draft amendments to SOLAS Chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code.
  • The Master has the overriding authority and responsibility to make decisions regarding the security of the ship and to request the assistance of the Company or of any Contracting Government as may be necessary.
  • All Company employees, ashore and on board ships, are expected to comply with the required procedures within the Ship Security Plan and should be familiar with the relevant security duties required of them and the measures required to protect the ship from any unlawful act.
  • Complying with and maintaining ship security is a continuous process and as new potential threats are uncovered, additional security procedures and measures shall be devised and implemented.


The Company recognises that safety, environment protection, pollution prevention and efficiency are an integral part of good ship management which can only be a result of a combination of right skills, knowledge and experience ashore and onboard vessels. In order to accomplish the desired objectives as well as provide and maintain the highest standards of ship management, the company is committed to:
  • Employ staff having adequate qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience to serve in the rank or position they have been selected for.
  • Employ only those seafarers who are mentally and physically sound and medically fit to effectively execute the set objectives of the Company.
  • Inculcate a sense of loyalty and dedication and to encourage a sense of belonging to become long serving employees of the Company.
  • Provide staff ashore and afloat with information and training necessary for them to fully understand the Company's QHSE System.
  • Ensure that compliance with the QHSE standards is a key ingredient in the identification of training needs and performance reviews of shore and shipboard personnel.
Beyond the vessels, we periodically review and improve our quality management system and oversee our employees attentively to be certain that they exercise their individual responsibility for quality at all times.

"Our top priority is to deliver flawless service to our customer."